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We deliver
dedicated services for internationalization

Promos Italia offers information, training and first orientation services to companies who want to internationalize their business, guaranteeing the possibility of undertaking a complete path: from the strategy for an effective export to matching processes with high-potential foreign counterparties.

Specialised information, qualified training, strategic assistance are the key elements in order to identify the right counterpart in the market. The organisation of b2b meetings in Italy and abroad with qualified operators and solutions for digital export are just some of the services we offer to make your business international.

Promos Italia offers to institutions, governments and chambers of commerce, industrial groups, investors and SMEs a wide range of tailor-made services and the possibility to design specific capacity building and business development programmes.

Training and first assistance

There are several crucial aspects that need to be considered in international business, also given the frequent regulatory updates that are often not easy to understand and apply. In order to meet this need, we have developed individual export guidance services and a constantly evolving training offer, using a network of authoritative experts.

Promos Italia’s offer consists of webinars, individual support meetings, online consulting services (, executive training courses at our NIBI Business School, export check-up activities and specialized information (

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Business matching

In order to expand or develop a presence abroad, it is essential to identify the best contacts in the market. Our strength is the ability to select counterparties interested in products or services in the countries with the highest potential, to organize business meetings, making companies meet in Italy or abroad with the best international operators.

Promos Italia’s offer consists of meetings with buyers in Italy, business meetings abroad, business partner search and support for the participation in trade fairs and business events in Italy and abroad. Currently, meetings with foreign buyers are held using online tools.

Programmes Outgoing, Inbuyer and EUMatch are considered some of the best practices that have mostly an impact on the international exposure of SMEs.

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Since 2016, the Programme Outgoing supports SMEs for the identification of strategic markets, awareness building on the business opportunities in those markets, training, preparation of companies to approach the target market from the point of view of
the strategy to be adopted, regulatory adjustments and certifications to be implemented, promotional materials to be created, partners’ researches and organisation of B2B meetings, follow-up services.

So far, it has been focused on 15 strategic markets (Canada, China, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Morocco, Russia, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam).

Eu Match

EUMatch is a project focused on the food & beverage sector that aims at supporting companies with a limited international experience in successfully having access to European markets, through a training program, orientation services and business matching through a digital platform.

So far, it has been focused on 15 EU markets.

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InBuyer, a project developed during Expo Milano 2015, aims to support Italian companies in the search for new business contacts, organizing one-to-one meetings in Italy with operators from all over the world.

The international health crisis caused by Covid 19 has made it necessary to rethink the traditional format and since 2020 the project has been renewed becoming Digital InBuyer. A specially developed digital platform offers a schedule of business matching events allowing Italian and foreign companies to hold virtual meetings. Each event has a specific focus and is dedicated to a target sector of Made in Italy.

In 2020, buyers stated that 87% of their meetings offered them new prospects for commercial development.

The InBuyer staff selects buyers and sellers for the product categories identified for each event.

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Digital export

A company expansion process abroad must include a proper and effective online presence. In order to support Italian companies in undertaking digital export actions, we have developed partnerships with the main players in the digital world to offer services, information, and tools to support internationalization through the web.

Promos Italia’s offer consists of specialized assistance and training on digital topics (

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International projects

Promos Italia has developed specific competences and expertise in the design and management of articulated projects financed by the European Commission and international bodies (United Nations, World Bank...) for the development of the competitiveness of the economic system and its international expansion. Promos Italia's offer includes opportunity monitoring, networking with international partners, identification of calls for tenders and support for tender submission, project management, reporting, quality monitoring and assurance.

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Territorial marketing

Promos Italia supports the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territories in relation to national and international operators, enhancing attractive vocations and the ability to intercept new investments. Thanks to a dedicated team, we support the business world, local authorities, and the set of territorial ecosystems by providing know-how, experience and dedicated territorial marketing tools, in particular:

  • creation of the offer of industrial property and value proposition of the territories
  • promotion and lead generation of foreign companies and related investment projects in the territories
  • support and accompaniment of foreign companies in the territories in investment/enlargement projects

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Promos Italia is partecipated by the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo, Caserta, Catanzaro Crotone Vibo Valentia, Cosenza, Genoa, Milan Monza Brianza Lodi, Modena, Pordenone - Udine, Ravenna, Salerno, Toscana Nord Ovest, Umbria e da Unioncamere, Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna, Unioncamere Lombardia.

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